Team Raaz

Raaz Entertainment understands how important it is to have the right entertainer for your Event. Whether an Intimate gathering, or a Grand Ballroom Reception, RaazENT customizes with the right talent. Our Entertainers come with extensive Experience and knowledge of music from all Genres.

MC Jay - Celebrity Host

Founder and owner, Jayesh Rana has been entertaining the east coast for the past 10 years. He has worked for and worked alongside todays top wedding DJs. His professional experience has earned him the respect of his peers and his clients thus catapulting him as one of the top wedding entertainers in the tri-state area today. Known for his high energetic introductions and dance parties, DJ Jay makes your event a memorable success with all your guests boasting for days. His unique method of mixing todays hottest dance tracks with the classics we all know and love, makes DJ Jay the only choice for your event.Click here for Demo

DJ Parth - G:

DJ Parth-G is the one of the newest entertainers to join the Raaz Entertainment Family. At such a young age, DJ Parth-G has already rocked out dance floors with more than 500 guests. His knowledge of all the newest trends influences the way he approached weddings. Parths expert mixing skills keeps the energy high and his considerable music knowledge helps the couple to throw a party that reflects their personal taste.

"I love the moment when I play that one song that gets everyone on the dance floor, young and old, and creates that special memory for the bride and groom". Click here for Demo

Dj/Mc Amit:

The newest member to join Raaz Entertainment, Amit Kapoor (also known as DJ Amit from Absolute Rhythm Entertainment) has successfully entertained huge crowds throughout the East Coast for the past 8 years. What sets DJ Amit apart from others in the industry is his unique talent of producing and remixing today's hottest Bollywood and Punjabi songs into bass-pumping dhol and house dance tracks. DJ Amit has been known to pack the dance floors every time with his explosive dance remixes, bringing something new and exclusive to every party that he rocks. From his incredible blends of Bollywood, Punjabi, and American dance music, to his amazing ability to motivate and energize any crowd, he is the perfect choice for your event. Bringing high energy, talent, and expertise to every event, DJ Amit will rock the dance floor until the very last minute, and make your party an unforgettable event. Click here for Demo

DJ Vikas:

DJ Vikas is a veteran in the entertainment industry. He has successfully handled events/weddings ranging from 200 guests to an astonishing 1500 party-goers. With his contagious energy and genre-surfing style, it's easy to see why DJ Vikas is an audience favorite. As a professional entertainer, DJ Vikas brings an astute ear and impeccable DJ skills to create a seamless set. But his greatest asset is his passion for DJing, and he will powerfully proclaim that. To him, music is the very air that he breathes. DJ Vikas is invigorated by the responsibility of DJing for a client's special night:

"I don't like DJing weddings, I LOVE DJing weddings! It's a night you can never have back, so it has to be perfect."

MC Mohnish:

DJ Mohnish is one of Raaz Entertainments newest entertainers. He's been hooked on DJ'ing at an early age when he felt the crowd go wild for his song selections at his family member's event. That musical euphoria continues to propel him today as he spins a wide variety of events all throughout the Tri-State area. 
Mohnish's musical skills do not end on the turntables: He's also a Dhol Player. With over 5 years of experience, he has the ability to give your event that extra edge.

"I love being able to play the music that will make your wedding memorable, at the same time giving you those extra beats for the wow factor!" Click here for Demo

DJ/Dholi Himanshu Tee:

Very few DJs have the combination of turntable mastery, incredible music knowledge and charisma, but DJ Himanshu has it all. As one of the youngest and newest members of Raaz Entertainment, he is the "go to" DJ for all Super Sweet 16s, Graduations and all birthday celebrations. As one of the up coming DJ performers on the East Coast, he expertly applies his skills – scratching, mixing, beat matching and live mash-ups – to all his events big or intimate. He brings an exciting and fresh spin to DJing, customizing sets that appeal to clients' tastes.

"The best is when I have all the parents dancing and jumping, while the teens are singing and screaming. It's a great fusion." Click here for Demo

DJ Jason - aka - DJ Flex Finghaz:

DJ Jason is the newest member joining the Raaz Entertainment Family. Coming directly from Toronto, Jason is a 3 time DMC cut champion. His unbelievable mixing and scratching skills brings the ultimate club experience to your event. Book DJ Flex Finghaz directly through RaazENT.

MC Carlos: Celebrity Host

Carlos Córdova has been around the entertainment industry all his life. He is the son of a drummer, brother to a DJ, the rhythm-funk-soul runs through his blood. This new MC receives his experience from rockin' such staged events, in which he has lead his dance company to perform opening ceremonies at the NYC/NJ 2014 Superbowl, U.S. Open, NJPAC, entertained for companies such as Pepsi, IBM, Castrol, MTV (TRL), BET (106th and Park), and many more. This well rounded B-BOY (break-dancer) keeps his NYC party attitude in combining a cool style, energy, elegance to every party/event he's at.Click here for Demo

Dholi Micky:

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